The Yonder 40 stock index dropped three percentage points last week. The DY 40 is made up of 40 publicly traded companies that do much of their business in rural America.

The Dow Industrials were up less than a point in last week’s trading. The Standard and Poor 500 fell by less than a point and the NASDAQ dropped about three points, in line with the DY 40.

Since the beginning of 2009, the DY 40 is up 30%, about twice the gains of the other indexes.

Only eight rural stocks rose in trading that ended January 21. The largest gainer was regional banker Southwest Bancorp, which rose over 10%. Dean Foods, the milk producer, saw its stock price rise 5%.

To see a full listing of the DY 40 and how these stocks fared in the week ending January 21, jump to the next page.[img:40Jan21.gif]

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