The Daily Yonder regularly updates this page tracking the impact of Covid-19 on rural America. Scroll down, or click the quick access buttons, to see county-level maps on infections and deaths, national rural infection and death rates, and other data and reporting on the pandemic in rural America. 

Cumulative Deaths

Weekly Infections


About the Data

Data for this report come from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We update this page weekly based on county-level reports from the CDC over a seven day period. The CDC tracks vaccination numbers, weekly deaths and infections, and cumulative deaths, among other things.

Cases are much likely undercounts since the CDC does not report on infections detected through home testing.

We use the rural classification from the Office of Budget and Management, which defines rural as counties not within a Metropolitan Statistical Area (OMB, 2013). Population data are from the 2020 United States census at the county geography.


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