The Farm Bill could make it through the Senate next week, reports Congressional Quarterly. The Rs and Ds were hung up on the number and scope of amendments — but there appears to be a compromise in the works. The Democrats would get five amendments; the Republicans could have 10. CQ says work on the bill — which includes all rural development funding — could be finished in two days.

That’s the easy part, says a prescient Steve Kopperud of Brownfield Network, who predicted last week the Senate would finish its work on the farm bill during the first few days of December. Kopperud said he never doubted the Senate would pass the bill. The hard thing will be to reconcile House and Senate versions.

The House and Senate versions pay for the farm bill in different ways. The House imposes a new tax on U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned corporations and removes tax breaks for offshore oil operations. The Senate says it won’t agree to those taxes. And the Senate bill has a $5 to $6 billion disaster program for farmers that’s missing in the House version.

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