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The map above, courtesy of Missouri Deptartment of Transportation, shows winter road conditions. Pink =”Covered”

We hear from Richard Oswald, out of Langdon, in the far northwest corner of the state:

“Been hauling corn to KC in the afternoon and evening. It’s about 120 miles down there from here. You wouldn’t believe the stalled cars in the city. Big trucks sitting along the interstate with the hoods open. No one here is ever prepared for temps that cold unless they come from Fargo.

“MO DoT keeps a fleet of pickup trucks on the interstates around the city labeled ‘motorist assistance.’

“Big trucks have 2 fuel tanks. They’re made so the engine uses out of both sides simultaneously. I was headed home about 8 pm night before last when I looked down at the fuel gauge and saw it said dead empty. Ice or jelled fuel had plugged the tank on the right so I wasn’t getting anything out of it. Diesel fuel has to be of a certain grade or it sets up when the temps get below 32. Barely made it into a fuel stop, filled the left tank and made it on home, added $20 worth of fuel treatment and went back again. Not much traffic second trip.

“The truck stops were full though.”

Winter driving tips from Mo DoT recommend “blankets”¦matches…non-perishable food.” Does that include corn, Richard? Find info on weather-related road conditions in Missouri here; Iowa DoT’s site here. And here’s a national map.

Be careful out there!

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