Sen. Hillary Clinton plans to go rural in Pennsylvania, according to the Wall Street Journal. Reporter Amy Chozick writes, “Given the size and diversity of Pennsylvania, the campaign could mostly rely on targeted ads in cheaper, local markets, particularly in smaller rural areas where Sen. Clinton is popular, aides say.”

Part of this emphasis is coming from the former President, who has seen that his wife does better in rural areas than in the cities. In his first tour of the state, Clinton said he’s going to stick to the rural areas of the state, because, “I want to go out see how America really lives.” “I think you represent the tipping point, the balance of America’s political influence,” he told a crowd of nearly 2,000 in Washington, Pennsylvania.

John Fortier, in The Politico , makes the argument that Clinton’s appeal in rural areas may be more important than Sen. Barack Obama’s attraction of independents, especially in states like Ohio. “The rural and blue-collar voters of Ohio are likely to be more important swing voters than those Obama courts,” Fortier writes.

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