Jeff Greenwood is the 2008 graduating class from Opheim High School. Opheim is in Montana, ten miles south of the Canadian border. No matter to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (above), who made the commencement address over the weekend.

Kristen Cates of the Great Falls Tribune
reports that Jeff lost his only other Class of ’08 classmate when Angela Edwards moved to Utah. “You get to know everybody and you’re friends with everybody,” Greenwood said of growing up in rural Montana. “At the same time, you can’t get away with anything.” And, of course, “the student-to-teacher ratio is pretty good.”

This is the second class-of-one commencement address Schweitzer has given. “I’m a small-town guy,” said Schweitzer, who grew up in Geyser. “Jeff’s probably not so dissimilar to Brian Schweitzer. Jeff probably hasn’t seen the world yet.”

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