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Turns out Sasquatch is a Virginian.

There have been 14 sightings of Bigfoot in Spotsylvania County in the last 14 years, and Billy Willard (above) thinks he and his other Sasquatch hunters “may be close to some kind of major discovery,” according to a story in Sunday’s Washington Post. Willard runs Sasquatch Watch of Virginia and he’s convinced a colony of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) is here. 

“All the things they would need are here, fresh water, shelter in the woods,” Willard said. “The high concentration of sightings tells me they’re here.” Willard has set up cameras near the sightings to try to capture Sas in motion.

There are all manner of Bigfoot organizations — the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. At the Tarheel Pig Pickers barbecue joint, Mark Lane told reporter Paul Schwartzman, “When I see Bigfoot water skiing, I’ll believe it. If they catch him, we’ll put him on the rotisserie and invite everyone in the community.”

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