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The wide open spaces of rural Texas are presenting major problems in school transportation. The Temple Daily Telegram reports on Rogers ISD: 144 square miles, 10 buses, and only three schools. Since the 1980s, the State of Texas has allocated school transportation funds based on enrollment. So now, with fuel prices soaring, that leaves tiny Rogers without enough money to run its 10 school buses.

Rogers ISD has a transportation budget of $347,811 for this school year. The superintendent says that based on enrollment, the state will pay only about $100,000 for transportation, less than a third. To make ends meet, the school district is making changes, including “clustered pickups and drop-offs.”

In Eastern Kentucky, the Jenkins school district has taken a more radical step. To save money, Jenkins ISD has trimmed the school week down to four days. CBN reports that at least 100 districts nationwide have gone to the shorter school week.

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