[imgcontainer] [img:6264068775_1578ae9943_z.jpeg] [source]Jared Soares[/source] Sharon Callahan, Postmaster in Fox, Arkansas. [/imgcontainer]

The photo above is of Sharon Callahan, the Postmaster in Fox, Arkansas. It’s one of the rural post offices that could be closed shortly by the Postal Service.

The photo is by Jared Soares, one of a series he took in Arkansas for Equal Voice. You can see the full slide show here

The Postal Service is considering closing 3,653 post offices; 179 of these are in Arkansas. If the Postal Service has its way, 35 percent of the post offices in the state would be closed.

Equal Voice writes:

“In rural areas – where cell phone connections are unreliable and Internet service painfully slow –the post office is a community’s connection to the outside world, and residents are fighting with all they have to keep that connection.”

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