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The President-Elect is B.M.O.C.

Alone in the Idaho panhandle, Latah County, home of University of Idaho, voted Democratic this electionGraphic: Daily Yonder You see it on the presidential election maps in many states: in Ohio, Idaho, North Carolina, and Wyoming — there’s an Obama/blue county surrounded by a pool of McCain/red. What are these islands of Democratic voters? Many […]

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FCC Approval Could Open Broadband to Rural Communities

The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to allow wireless spectrum abandoned in the switch to digital television to be used for wireless Internet connections. The use of these so-called “white spaces” in the spectrum is expected to quicken broadband connections in rural communities and make broadband less expensive. Broadcasters and theater producers opposed this move, […]

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The ‘White Spaces’ Debate: Dolly V. Google

Dolly is on one side. Google the other. The decision comes today. The Federal Communications Commission is supposed to decide today whether to allow unused television broadcast spectrum to be turned over to wireless Internet gadgets. Google, Microsoft and a lot of rural communities favor using these “white spaces” for Internet Wi-Fi. Dolly Parton is […]

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How Will Obama or McCain Power the Nation?

Barack Obama and John McCain (and this fellow in bed) have supported versions of “cap and trade” to control carbon emissionsImage: Nitrozac & Snaggyvia True Carbon Energy. Jobs. The environment. As Michael A. Livermore, Executive Director of NYU Law School’s Institute for Policy Integrity, has written, “The challenge for the next administration is to find […]

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Letter From Langdon: Vote!

Voting old school in Peru, Maine.Photo: Just Us 3 Today is Election Day, and over the years after all the challenges to our Constitutional rights, after all the gerrymandering, corruption, and influence pedaling, the hard work of our Founding Fathers continues to yield positive results. Today we still have the right to vote. Not everyone […]