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Democrats’ Turn: Debating in Iowa

Chris Dodd supporters in Iowa.Photo: Dodd Campaign The Democrats debated Sunday morning. You missed them? Well, that’s why we have the Yonder. (On the jump page, we’ll compare the ABC Sunday morning debates of both parties’ candidates using “tag clouds.”) It’s not clear that much new was revealed in the 90 minutes of discussion that […]

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Migration Matters: The Rural South Sheds People This Century

In the 1970s, demographers called it the “rural rebound.” Rural America had been losing population for most of the century. And then in the 1970s, those trends reversed. It was a “dramatic and surprising shift,” according to demographer Ken Johnson. More than 80 percent of the country’s rural counties gained population. Rural counties were gaining […]

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A Shared Tragedy: Mexican Miners in Utah

Media in Mexico have been closely following the Utah mine disaster. Three of the six trapped miners are from Mexico. Here, Noticieros Televisa interviews Susana Salcido, a relative of miner Manuel Arturo Sanchez. We have all been following the mining disaster that took place last Monday in Huntington, Utah ““ a tragedy intimately familiar to […]

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Immigrants, COOL and “Sanctuary Cities” — More Presidential Politics

Fred Thompson in South Carolina. Photo: ready_to_vote When the Yonder last visited with the presidential candidates, Obama was listening, Thompson was testing waters (in a generally conservative way), Republicans were railing about immigrants and Edwards was talking in very specific ways about the rural economy. Okay, the Yonder is looking again and”¦nothing’s changed. In mid-week, […]