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Letter From Langdon: Waiting for Rural America’s New Deal

Cafe in McKinney, TexasPhoto: TxDaisey LANGDON, Mo. — With passage of the farm bill, the House of Representatives forfeited the opportunity to do something this country hasn’t tried since the New Deal of the 1930s: It could have taken steps to rejuvenate rural America. In the year I was born, 1950, there were 13 houses […]

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Obama Meets 900 in Elko

Over 900 people came out last weekend to see Sen. Barack Obama when he spoke in Elko, Nevada. “As many of you know, Nevada is an early state,” he said, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. “That means a lot of presidential candidates will be traveling to Nevada. All too often that just means either you’re […]

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Roadrunner Theatre: Catch a Great Chase Scene

The outdoors is an endless source of natural theatre. Roadrunners are among the most interesting performers. These long-tailed rural sprinters prefer running to flight, and they can run up to 17mph. Their short wings are not built for sustained air travel but serve them well in gymnastic escapes and dashes to capture food. Roadrunners eat […]

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Letter From Langdon: Know the Source of Food and News

When Bill Underhill moved west after World War I, he decided to homestead in Twentynine Palms, California. He helped build the first roads, the first swimming pool and the first American Legion Post. To help the community, he started the first weekly newspaper in 1935, the four-page Desert Trail, which he published with his wife, […]