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Posted inEnvironment, Politics and Government

Speak Your Piece: Mountaintops Cut First, then Mountaineers’ Voices

Mountaintop removal operation, Boone County, West Virginia Photo: Vivian Stockman, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition In its latest tinkering with coal mining regulations, the Bush administration continues a pattern of narrowing the legal rights of local citizens and giving ever greater control to coal companies, regulators, and political officials. The Office of Surface Mining’s proposed revision […]

Posted inFood

You Call Them ‘Yams’ — Wrong !

Crate labelImage: St. Tammany A sweet potato and a yam are about as related to each other as I was to “uncle�? Rob whom my Aunt Deloris brought home one night. But for reasons either deeply cosmic or profoundly marketable, the difference between yams and sweet potatoes has become complicated. I’ll be the first to […]