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Hurricane Ike Continues to Ravage Texas Coast

Remember Ike? The hurricane missed Houston, but hit squarely on Galveston and then slid to less populated portions of the Texas coast. That was back in early September.   The Dallas Morning News reports Sunday that “more than two months after Hurricane Ike obliterated Texas’ coastal communities, thousands of residents from Oak Island to the […]

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Animal Identification Move Creates Ruckus

It’s been a while since the Yonder has caught up with the controversy over animal ID. Remember the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) — and if you don’t there are stories here and here — the regulations that would require every piece of livestock to have its very own number? The US Department of Agriculture […]

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Letter From Langdon: Vilsack as Ag Secretary? So Be It

Tom Vilsack, former Iowa governor and likely Ag Secretary in the Obama AdministrationPhoto: Vilsack Campaign Most years — even an election year — nothing much that’s newsworthy ever happens around Langdon. Most of the presidential candidates (actually all the presidential candidates) did a pretty good job of ignoring Langdon throughout the primaries into the general […]

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IBM Joins Effort to Provide Broadband Over Power Lines

IBM Corp has made a major commitment to delivering broadband internet over ordinary power lines. The method is aimed at providing fast internet connections to regions that currently don’t have other broadband options, particularly in rural communities. The company announced Wednesday that it had reached a $9.6 million deal with International Broadband Electric Communications. IBM […]