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Posted inGrowth and Development, Rural Economy

Rural Development: ‘You Just Can’t Get There One County At a Time’

This map shows the top ten percent of the nation’s more than 3100 counties in income creation. Rural counties are in red. Rural communities that remain isolated will suffer in today’s economy, economist Mark Drabenstott told a meeting of rural Texans on Friday. Rural Americans will prosper when they learn to “get beyond the petty […]

Posted inPolitics and Government

Congress is Back, But The Middle Is Still Missing

The forecast is for a Katrina-sized, levee-topping storm as Republicans and Democrat come back to Washington, D.C., after the summer break. The Politico reports, “Congress set for showdown over ending war.” And that’s just the beginning. There are investigations to be pursued and scandals enough for a dozen cable television channels. A Democratic Congress will […]

Posted inArts and Culture, Religion and Faith

Celebrating Freedom — Remembering the 1680 Tesuque Pueblo Revolt

Young Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo eagle dancers exit the pueblo plaza as they finish their dance. The dances are performed to keep the tribe in balance with the creator and natural forces. These dances have been performed in much the same way for centuries and are central to the Tesuques’ culture and spirituality.Photo: M.A. Pember “August […]