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Posted inWildlife

Oregon Sicks the Dogs on Cougars

Cougar(Puma concolor)Photo: Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife The National Rifle Association and the Sierra Club are the strangest bedfellows we can imagine. Downright kinky, really. But here they were, along with some research scientists from neighboring Washington, all opposing the State of Oregon’s new law on cougar hunting. It didn’t matter. On June 27 […]

Posted inAgriculture

What’s Cool about COOL? Ranchers, Presidential Candidates, Consumers Argue About Meat

It’s split the food business, it’s split ranchers and it’s split Congress, but the rash of tainted products coming into the U.S. — and the ascendance of Democratic leadership — just may be pushing “country of origin labeling” closer to reality. Not only country of origin, but city and ranch, too.Photo by NewramblerThe New York […]

Posted inRural Voters

In ’08 Debates, Democrats Mention ‘Rural’ More Than Republicans

A recent poll suggests that rural America is in play for Democrats in the 2008 presidential election, and a survey of references to ‘rural’ in the six presidential debates thus far demonstrates that Democrats are discussing rural issues more often than their Republican counterparts. The lack of attention rural America receives in politics is instantly […]

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Help Thine Okra Unbelief

Have you looked at beliefnet? It’s a stew of online resources about faith, religious history, and denominations. There’s even a handy test for the deluded or merely un-self-aware ““ take it and discover if in your heart — deep down where you answer online questionnaires — you’re a Neo-pagan, a Muslim or a Jehovah’s Witness”¦. […]