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Letter from Langdon: They Can’t Print Food

“It Came from the Grocery Store”/GreenpeaceImage: via Scientific Misconduct Food is life. But suppose we allowed U.S. agriculture to consolidate into five large corporations that account for nearly all of the processed food in the United States. And suppose those corporations grew so large that they had tentacles extending into nearly every food-related business in […]

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Thankfully, One Size Doesn’t Fit All the Faithful

Altar with cornucopia for Thanksgiving, Community Prebyterian Church, Sandy, OregonPhoto: David Nelson October’s glorious reds and golds in this part of rural Oregon have passed, the last hurrah of sunny weather, the precursor of many weeks of rainy, chilly, wintry weather. Nestled beneath canopies of spreading maples, alders, firs, and cedars are buildings filled with […]