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Posted inGrowth and Development, Politics and Government

‘What’s Rural?’ Becomes A Farm Bill Question

What’s rural? Provincetown, Mass., received rural development money.Photo: Allogist A seemingly innocuous provision in the House version of the farm bill asking the Secretary of Agriculture to define what’s rural has set off a furor on Capitol Hill. One rural advocacy group described the provision as a “time bomb�? that could strip counties of rural […]

Posted inHealth

Death by Prescription in Rural America

Data: Virginia State Medical Examiner Graphic: Roanoke Times “This is a public health epidemic,” Dr. Martha Wunsch of Blacksburg, Virginia, told Laurence Hammack of the Roanoke Times. Dr. Wunsch, an addiction expert, was describing the huge increases in drug overdose fatalities in Western Virginia, where last year more people died of accidental ODs than in […]