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Record Levels of Infections and Deaths Return to Rural Counties

Explore the full-page version of the map Rural America experienced record numbers of Covid-19 infections and deaths last week, showing that a slight respite over the holidays was the result of interruptions in test reporting, not waning strength in the pandemic. Rural counties reported 232,239 new Covid-19 infections last week. That’s a 35% increase from […]

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Analysis: Georgia’s Political Earthquake Was a Long Time in the Making

This article is republished with the permission from “Trouble in God’s Country.”  If football is a game of inches, politics is one of fractions — a glacial shift in demographics, incremental growth in voter registration, tiny changes in voter turnout.  In isolation, individual events like these may seem small and insignificant. In combination, they are […]

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Populism Erupts When People Feel Disconnected and Disrespected

This story was originally published by The Conversation. American society is riven down the middle. In the 2020 presidential election, 81 million people turned out to vote for Joe Biden, while another 74 million voted for Donald Trump. Many people came to the polls to vote against the other candidate rather than enthusiastically to support the one who secured […]

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Book Review: Desert Oracle Volume 1: Strange, True Tales from the American Southwest

Desert Oracle Volume 1: Strange, True Tales from the American Southwest, By Ken Layne, MCD & Farrar, Straus, Giroux +++ There’s a voice beaming over the Mojave, coming from a small radio station in Joshua Tree, California, that once a week offers some insight into the weirdness and mystery that characterize American deserts. It’s the […]

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Rural Hospitals Have a Greater Percentage of Patients with Covid-19

The percentage of hospital patients who are being treated for Covid-19 has more than doubled in recent months. And throughout the fall surge in coronavirus cases, rural hospitals have consistently had a greater proportion of patients being treated for Covid-19 than urban hospitals have, a new study shows. Nationally, the percentage of rural hospital patients […]