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Posted inReligion and Faith

Initiative to Support Rural Pastors Could Be Helping Save Farmers’ Lives

Editor’s Note: This article is republished from Faith & Leadership, an online magazine of the Leadership Education program at Duke Divinity School. In the 1960s sitcom “Green Acres,” wealthy New Yorkers leave the city for rural life. As the show’s twangy theme song says, “Farm living is the life for me.” It’s a funny, lighthearted show — […]

Posted inGrowth and Development

Rural Rising: Paper Examines What Makes a Thriving Rural America

New research published recently by McKinsey, a management consulting firm specializing in corporations, governments and other entities, identified three key elements necessary for rural communities to thrive: sectors or tradeable industries, workforce, and community and connectivity. According to the paper entitled “Rural rising: Economic development strategies for America’s heartland,” says rural economic development usually ties […]

Posted inRural Economy

Turning Tides: Offshore Wind Farms at Odds with Oregon’s Fishing Trade

Commercial fishing fleets in Oregon are worried that two sites the state is considering for offshore wind energy production will reduce their catch and cause economic trouble for coastal communities.  “They’re locking up public areas in the ocean for a single-entity user and blocking out all the other users that have historically used that area,” […]

Posted inEnergy

In Their Own Words: Coastal Leaders Push Back Against Location of Wind Energy Plants

There is little doubt that floating offshore wind farms are coming to the southern Oregon coast. The region’s small, ocean-reliant communities are worried about potential damage to sea habitat and the loss of fishing grounds. In February, the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) designated 2,100 square miles of federal water for potential development […]

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Helping Forest Firefighters Battle a Different Kind of Burnout

This story was originally published by Reasons to Be Cheerful. Wildfire season is back. Over the weekend, hundreds of firefighters fought to contain a wildfire in New Mexico that forced thousands of people to be evacuated and destroyed at least 166 homes. In late April, more than 700 homes were evacuated as a “wall of fire” swept across parts of […]