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10 Rural Movies (and 1 Show) to Watch Instead of Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy

This week, the film adaptation of J.D. Vance’s controversial memoir, Hillbilly Elegy hits Netflix. For the most part, reviewers’ reactions range from scathingly critical to merely disappointed. But even as critics argue that Vance’s memoir mischaracterizes Appalachia, the fate of the film adaptation need not be representative of rural entertainment in general. As Daily Yonder […]

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In the Columbia River Gorge, a Local Program Adapts to Serve the Community Through Covid-19

When Cindy decided to pursue a college degree after getting out of prison, she faced several obstacles. She needed a place to live, school supplies, and new prescription glasses, among other things. In September of 2018, Cindy’s student support-services coordinator at Columbia Gorge Community College referred her to the Bridges to Health program. She was […]

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In Manatee County, Surburbia Consumes Farmland, Spreading Affluence and Hardship

Parrish General Supply has been selling everything from vegetable seed to horse feed to customers in Manatee County, Florida, for decades. These days though, an increasing number of customers are shopping not for tools to maintain their farms, but for fittings and washers and clamps that suburban types need to fix plumbing and repair lawnmowers. […]