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Speak Your Piece | Working in Rural Requires – and Inspires – Courage

Rural people vary in many ways, but they share the common values of community, and they believe their communities can inspire courage. Rural people “do hard things.” Last week, YouthBuild USA held their annual National Rural Gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The three-day convening opened with a welcome from Monica Zeno-Martin, YouthBuild USA’s chief […]

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Now Is the Time to Worry About Net Neutrality

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Federal Communications Commission is accepting comments on a proposal to rescind net-neutrality regulations that the commission enacted in 2015. The current rules prevent internet-service providers from giving special treatment to some content over others. Net neutrality opponents (which include major telecommunication corporations and some rural internet providers) say the rules are costing […]

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Forum Sows Big Ideas about Tiny Seeds

Last week, Tucson was the site of the first International Seed Library Forum, co-sponsored by the Pima County Public Library, the University of Arizona, Native Seeds/SEARCH, Edible Baja, and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. This four-day event brought together experts and practitioners to look at improving access to local seed resources. Attendees included […]

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Life in the (Sort of) Fast Lane

When I moved from Los Angeles to a very rural homesite on the Arizona-New Mexico border, I knew I’d be making some trade-offs, especially as it related to telecommunications. In LA, I was accustomed to high bandwidth and instant access to services, which was important to my work in educational technology and online community building. […]

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Living a Good Life Beyond the Grid

When I tell people I live “off the grid,” I get a variety of responses. Many are some iteration of “Wow! That is so cool. But what does that actually mean?” In my case, it means we are not physically connected to the electrical grid. Instead, we rely exclusively on solar power and propane to […]