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Fast Takes | The Latest Clone of the Empowerment Zone

One issue that may crop up this election season is Trump’s Opportunity Zones.  Well, they aren’t Trump’s, really, but they were in the president’s giant tax reform bill. The zones were concocted by some high tech moguls and then slipped in to the tax reform legislation by Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.   Under the law, governors can designate a limited number […]

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Speak Your Piece: ‘The Hardest Place to Live’

[imgcontainer][img:my_back_yard.jpg][source]Photo Courtesy of Anne Shelby[/source]There may be no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in Clay County, Kentucky, but there is a barn, built by Anne Shelby’s grandfather.[/imgcontainer] I first heard about it from my friend Jeanette. We were driving up Kentucky 11 from Clay County into Owsley, a rock cliff on […]

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Speak Your Piece: A Journalistic Selfie

Former New York Times economics reporter Annie Lowery sets out to prompt a national conversation about rural poverty. But instead of illuminating an economic problem, she shines the spotlight on herself. Her New York Times Magazine article, “What’s the Matter with Eastern Kentucky,” isn’t a portrait. It’s a selfie, one that tells us much more […]