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Telehealth Changes Will Increase Rural Broadband Demand

First in a series. Several policy changes from Washington, D.C., should accelerate urban and rural telehealth deployments. On November 1 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the body that manages these two healthcare programs, finalized new rules that include payment reimbursements for telehealth.   These changes are good news for communities that want broadband […]

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Schools, Libraries Are Obvious Setting for Telehealth

Part of a series. When communities design broadband infrastructure to facilitate healthcare and telehealth delivery, they obviously plan to connect medical practitioners’ hospitals, offices, and other healthcare facilities. Network connections to homes are growing in importance as government policies and market forces favor telehealth deployments.   What about schools and libraries?  In many communities, school districts and […]

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Could Telehealth Help Preserve Our Peace of Mind?

Part of a series.  With high-profile suicides in 2018 along with the opiate epidemic, mental health is high on the list of national medical concerns. Demand for behavioral health services, combined with increasing access to those services via telehealth, could dramatically improve treatment options for rural residents.  Last year’s report on Medicare telehealth from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) shows promise […]