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Posted inTribal Affairs

Solutions and Struggle: Covid Relief Highlights Complexity of Issues Facing Native People

This story was originally published by Cronkite News. Congress allocated a historic amount of federal funds to tribes through the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act and the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act. For some Indigenous communities, those federal funds were beneficial. For others, the pandemic highlighted deeper systemic complexities federal funding cannot fully address. […]

Posted inTribal Affairs

Yurok Tribe in Northern California Grows Solutions in Soil of Crises

This story was originally published by Cronkite News. A drought, a virus, and a landslide – these concurrent crises have worsened the food insecurity of Northern California’s Yurok Tribe and spurred some members to explore their own solutions. Their reservation, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the redwoods of the Klamath Mountains, was declared a […]

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Radically Rural: Journalists Help Guide Community in Search of Solutions

“We really care about journalism that does more than just diagnose the problem,” explains Leah Todd, New England region manager for Solutions Journalism Network. Her organization trains journalists to explore how people are responding to challenges, empowering rural newsrooms to look at serious social problems in a whole new light. “There’s this really powerful change […]

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Commentary: One in Four Rural Americans Can Be a Part of the Climate Solution – Through Their Forests

The Biden administration has set its climate change policy agenda, with a broad call to engage rural America. But one approach lacking a laser focus is on incentivizing rural forest owners to use their land for capturing and storing carbon. America’s forests and forest products already capture and store more than 750 million metric tons […]

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Exploring Solutions: The Economics of Managing Healthier Forests

Part of a series. Foresters and researchers broadly agree that changing the way we manage the nation’s woodlands and open spaces could help restore equilibrium to the current catastrophic cycle of wildfire. But putting together the policies, programs, and people necessary to turn those theories into practice is a task as big as the great outdoors itself. Nevertheless, in some […]