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Exploring Solutions: The Economics of Managing Healthier Forests

Part of a series. Foresters and researchers broadly agree that changing the way we manage the nation’s woodlands and open spaces could help restore equilibrium to the current catastrophic cycle of wildfire. But putting together the policies, programs, and people necessary to turn those theories into practice is a task as big as the great outdoors itself. Nevertheless, in some […]

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Analysis: Could Future Savings Pay for Forest Treatment Today?

Part of a series. The solution for how to pay for intensive forest management to mitigate fire risk seems like a free-market win-win. Pay for the fire-mitigation management through the economic value of the materials removed from the woods.  But the reality is much more complicated, as we learned from leaders of two nationally recognized nonprofits that have been […]

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Exploring Solutions: ‘Wildfire as a Fact of Life’

Part of a series. Driving in to California, the check-point sign flashed, “Warning. Road closed. Fire ahead.” An officer at a check point motioned for me to stop.  I was worried. My plan for the day was to take photos of the blackened area from the summer’s immense Carr Fire near Redding before heading to Weaverville. The point of the trip was to visit […]