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Radically Rural: Journalists Help Guide Community in Search of Solutions

“We really care about journalism that does more than just diagnose the problem,” explains Leah Todd, New England region manager for Solutions Journalism Network. Her organization trains journalists to explore how people are responding to challenges, empowering rural newsrooms to look at serious social problems in a whole new light. “There’s this really powerful change […]

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Exploring Solutions: ‘Wildfire as a Fact of Life’

Part of a series. Driving in to California, the check-point sign flashed, “Warning. Road closed. Fire ahead.” An officer at a check point motioned for me to stop.  I was worried. My plan for the day was to take photos of the blackened area from the summer’s immense Carr Fire near Redding before heading to Weaverville. The point of the trip was to visit […]

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Exploring Solutions: The Economics of Managing Healthier Forests

Part of a series. Foresters and researchers broadly agree that changing the way we manage the nation’s woodlands and open spaces could help restore equilibrium to the current catastrophic cycle of wildfire. But putting together the policies, programs, and people necessary to turn those theories into practice is a task as big as the great outdoors itself. Nevertheless, in some […]

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‘Response to Deep Disadvantage Has to Start With Listening,’ Says Scholar

New research about the geography of disadvantaged communities challenges common misconceptions about poverty being predominantly an urban problem.  “So much of research on poverty in the United States focuses on urban centers. And this suggests that maybe […] we’ve been missing the mark,” Luke Shaefer, a faculty director of Poverty Solutions at the University of […]

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Federal Agency Takes Charge of Voluntary Carbon Credit Markets

A bipartisan bill seeks to address climate change by placing the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in a leadership role over voluntary carbon credit markets. While proponents tout the benefits of voluntary conservation practices, critics say the approach will result in limited climate action rather than meaningful change.  The Growing Climate Solutions Act would […]

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Radically Rural: Rural Voices Vital Part of Solving Climate Crisis

Last month, Hawaii narrowly dodged another powerful hurricane. Wildfires raged across California, causing more than 8,000 people to evacuate their homes as the temperature outside soared above 105 degrees. Simultaneously on the East Coast, Hurricane Isaias triggered tornadoes, fires, flooding, and widespread power outages. “Climate crisis is not going away. We’re not getting a break […]

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Conversations on Rural Resilience: Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Covid-19

Something that gave me hope this week: my conversation with three people who organize, educate, and work on the ground every day in rural America.  Rural Assembly, Daily Yonder and Southerly hosted a panel about how rural communities in Texas, Louisiana, and California are adapting and responding to extreme weather and the pandemic, while ensuring the solutions […]