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Speak Your Piece: Times’ Rural Economics Analysis Omits a Wealth of Options

EDITOR’S NOTE: This weekend the New York Times published an op/ed by Eduardo Porter titled “The Hard Truths of Trying to ‘Save’ the Rural Economy.”   Porter, an economics writer for the Times, says (among other things) that it might be better to stop fighting rural poverty with programs in those distressed communities. Instead, public policy could encourage people who live in distressed areas […]

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Tuesday Roundup: White Spaces

Federal Communications Commission chair Julius Genachowski outlined a plan Monday to shift money set aside to subsidize landline telephone service to pay for high-speed Internet in rural communities. Genachowski outlined his plans to revamp the $8 billion universal service fund in a speech at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. A recent ITIF study found […]

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Tuesday Roundup: Keystone Pipeline News-arama

The State Department’s inspector general will conduct a special investigation of how the agency has handled its decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. There have been news reports of improper influence and conflicts of interest in the decision whether to allow the 1,700 mile pipeline that will carry tar sands oil from Canada across […]

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Roundup: Water Still Troubling W. Va.

LaCrisha Rose from Cabin Creek, West Virginia, describes how the January spill of a coal-cleaning chemical has affected her family. The video is produced by Keely Kernan, an artist and freelance photographer. An elementary school in North Charleston, West Virginia, closed early yesterday after complaints about odor from the water system. Several teachers complained of […]

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Krugman Says Biofuels a ‘Terrible Mistake’

“Grains Gone Wild” is the headline in Paul Krugman’s New York Times column today. There are financial troubles in the world, Krugman writes, “But there’s another world crisis under way — and it’s hurting a lot more people. I’m talking about the food crisis.” Krugman, a Princeton economist, notes the higher prices in stores today […]