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Letter from Langdon: ‘Big Boats’ Swamp the Little Guys in Missouri

A few years ago when Missouri’s falling population dribbled one whole congressional district down the drain, Republicans didn’t waste much time gerrymandering a popular Democratic member of Congress, Russ Carnahan of St. Louis, out of a constituency. Some might say it was payback (or fear) for the fact that Carnahan’s father Mel, former U.S. representative […]

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Letter from Langdon: Monopoly Forever

The Missouri House of Representatives has passed a bill put forth by the Missouri Senate, SB 391, that outlaws something called “local control.” Odds are good that Governor Mike Parsons will sign it. They’ve been working on this for awhile. The waiting game is finally over. Local control was an obstacle to corporate-owned livestock and […]

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Letter from Langdon: Notes from the Flood

EDITOR’S NOTE: Throughout the flooding in the Midwest along the Missouri River, we’ve stayed in touch with Daily Yonder columnist Richard Oswald, whose land and structures near the Missouri River have been inundated. Richard has provided frequent email updates about conditions and consequences in northwest Missouri and other parts of the Midwest. The emails are […]