[imgcontainer right] [img:salsa.jpeg] Today’s featured premium in the Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary Campaign is a can’t-miss Salsa lesson. [/imgcontainer]

The Daily Yonder’s Fifth Anniversary campaign continues. We’re trying to raise $25,000 to keep the DY afloat for the next year. You can help by hitting the “Support the Yonder” button on the top left of this page and filling in the blanks.

But enough about us. The Daily Yonder is all about your improvement, whether that comes with news you need to know or important ways to better your social life.

And that’s why we are proud to offer a premium that is all about getting you to be the most popular person at the party.

For a mere $50 tax deductible donation to the DY, you will receive an intensive lesson from Edyael Casaperalta in the art and mechanics of Salsa and Merengue dancing. 

Edyael is, yes, a staff member at the Center for Rural Strategies, but, more to the point, she is the daughter of a suave man from the Salsa-dancing district of El Callao in Lima, Peru. Don’t learn to dance from somebody who learned third-hand. Get your instructions from the source. Guaranteed results. Details here. 

Hey, maybe dancing isn’t your thing. If not, look on the premium page here for something more appropriate — books, tours from Brisbane to Hazard, banjo lessons and, of course, T-shirts. 

Go ahead and look. That’s free. 

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